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26 November 2012 @ 05:04 pm
My person  

I have been friends with Patricia for almost eight years now.

It started off innocently enough -- we were classmates Freshman year (high school) and bonded over our shared love for books, music and being ~*emo*~ For real, though. We would opt to stay in our classroom and eat during our break instead of going to the canteen to, god forbid, mingle. I mean, it was probably what we should have done, seeing as how we were fresh meat and meeting new people/friends is always a nice experience (somewhat questionable). But we didn't and I guess our mutual agreement over nursing our wounds strengthened our bond even more.

We would literally spend hours talking on the phone, reading to each other (quotes from Xanga!). We would sync our iPods and sing along to whatever Disney song we fancied that day and talk about our feelings. She understood my familial baggage, and I her, and I guess that's what made us both decide to proclaim each other as Best Friends Forever come Sophomore year (among other things). But then she left for Malta Junior year...

And while she would come home at least once a year, WHICH IS JUST THE MOST AWESOME THING EVER, most days, I still pray that she would come back home for good. I mean, yeah, we would exchange a few emails, Skype whenever we're both relatively devoid of school/work, tweet each other, etc. but the different time zones basically ruins all the fun. Whenever I eat/go somewhere new and exciting, I think about how it would be so much fun if she were here and she's the first person that comes to mind whenever I need someone to talk to because, really, there's just no pressure. I don't need her to tell me everything is going to be fine; I just need her to listen and be there.

She emailed me on my last birthday and I remember crying when I read her message. I was touched, sure, but mostly I cried because most of what she said were true and I had only realized it then.

"We are independent of each other now, having separate lives and running with different circle of friends."

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But I've realized that despite all the changes (i.e. different continents/timezones/lives), it doesn't really matter so much because at the end of the day, she's still my best friend and you know what? Nothing can really change that.

(this is totes us, beeteedubs)

Cristina: What are you doing? Stop it.
Meredith: What's the plan? You have bony, sharp fingers.
Cristina: What plan? There's no plan.
Meredith: Your plan, which makes it our plan. Whatever it is, I need to know. Are you plotting a murder, a nuclear attack? It's fine. I'll get on board. I'm sure you have a good reason. But just let me know. You're starting to freak me out.

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